employment insurance

Nov 16, 2011

The Mowat Centre and Employment Insurance

Andrew Jackson
The Mowat Centre report on Employment Insurance (EI) released today will serve to deepen the national debate over Canada's most important income security program for working-age adults and families.
Aug 25, 2011

The macro-economics of financing employment insurance

Andrew Jackson
The federal government has launched consultations on EI premium setting. This provides the opportunity to shift from an ad hoc system to one that is more fair to workers and economically rational.
Jun 25, 2011

Who holds the family purse strings?

Andrew Jackson
StatsCan has released an interesting paper looking at who controls the family finances in couples with one partner. It is a salutary reminder that one cannot just assume pooling of family income.
Jun 15, 2011

Incomes and the recession

Andrew Jackson
Today's Statistics Canada release "Income of Canadians" provides data for 2009 and a partial reading on the devastating impact of the recession upon working families.
Oct 5, 2010

The Liberals' Employment Insurance shame

Ten years after Pierre Trudeau's death, no issue demonstrates more clearly the moral bankruptcy of the Ignatieff-led Liberal Party than the treatment it just handed out to the Canadian unemployed.


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