Image: Used with permission of the Halifax Workers Action Centre.
Scott Neigh | Sakura Saunders and Lisa Cameron talk about the Halifax Workers Action Centre and the fight for the rights of low-wage and precarious workers.
Image: Erroll Young - modified with permission
Scott Neigh | Pam Frache talks about the Fight for $15 and Fairness in Ontario, its victories, and its current fight against a big business backlash.
Image used by permission of Fight for $15 and Fairness - York University.
Scott Neigh | Jessica Chen and Jermaul Newell talk about organizing at York University to raise the minimum wage and improve employment standards.
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| Freelancers and precarious workers are demanding protection. Sign the petition.
Photo: Toby Scott/flickr
Angella MacEwen | Wednesday, April 15 is a global day of action on a $15 minimum wage and decent work. Actions are happening across the U.S., and in B.C., Ontario, and Nova Scotia.
Photo: Flickr/Light Brigading
Ella Bedard | On April 15, campaigners across Canada will join a worldwide Day of Action for $15 minimum wage.
Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite | Toronto's Workers' Action Centre has released a new report, Still Living on the Edge: Building Decent Jobs from the Ground Up, which addresses issues facing Ontario's workers.
Angela Regnier | Take a stand against exploitative employment practices at universities
Image: raisetheminimumwage.ca
Sheila Block | Great organizing efforts will increase protection for marginalized Ontario workers -- it's already secured some key victories and will continue to pay off.