energy efficiency

Jan 18, 2010

There's trouble blowing in the wind

Big wind farms in financial or deadline trouble are almost daily fare on the business pages these days. Here's stuff we should know while we still have time to reset our options.
Oct 12, 2009

Reviewing energy policy in Nova Scotia

The first test of an energy policy for the new age is not "alternative energy" at all -- but rather conservation first, then energy efficiency and decentralization of the power structure.

Lights out: Toronto's blackout anniversary

Aug 16, 2009
Kensington Market
Kensington Market is south of College St. west of Spadina Ave. Kensington market is also north of Dundas St.
43° 38' 59.2944" N, 79° 23' 48.7716" W
The purpose of this event is to commemorate the blackout that occurred on 14 August, 2003 and remind us of our need to consume less power.


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