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In cahoots
Jun 9, 2014

Ban fracking now!

Fracking is one of the biggest threats to clean water. Sign the petition and tell the federal government to ban fracking and protect the human right to water in Canada!
Feb 28, 2014

Greenhouse gases endanger the B.C. coast's economy

Karl Nerenberg
Rising acidity in the ocean has killed over ten million scallops off the coast of Vancouver Island. When asked about this issue, Conservatives could only muster a "we are studying the problem."
Feb 24, 2014
Photo: flickr/fox_kiyo

On Thomas Berger and the Peel River Watershed

Heather Menzies
The Yukon government's 'regional land-use plan' for the Peel River Watershed proposes to leave 29 per cent protected from development, versus the 80 per cent originally recommended. What gives?


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