Photo: flickr/ Leadnow Canada
Pete Dolack | According to the Harper government and Bill C-51, advocating for clear air and water is a crime.
David J. Climenhaga | Legislation like Alberta Bills 45 and 46 are part of a broader pattern throughout the increasingly undemocratic industrialized West to criminalize dissent of any kind.
David Suzuki | Human rights are vulnerable when governments promote the interests of corporations over a healthy environment, and use heavy-handed tactics to ensure people who disagree don’t get in the way.
Photo: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας/flickr
Gerry Caplan | In some countries, those who disagree with their government's policies are vilified, demonized, accused of being unpatriotic and operating under the influence of malign foreign influences.
Gerry Caplan | The truth has now been exposed: the Koch brothers have long and deep investments in the Alberta tar sands.
Mitch Podolak, Michael Welch, Ashley Titterton | Three campaigners address the question of using civil disobedience against the tar sands and other causes: campaigner Clayton Thomas Muller, organizer Mike Hudema and activist Gary Kinsman.
Sarah Laskow | President Barack Obama announced this week that his administration would open areas from Delaware to Florida and in Alaska to offshore drilling for gas and oil.
Sarah Laskow | Climate legislation is returning to the Senate's docket.
Alice Klein | D.C. conference showcases labour-eco recovery team that puts Canada to shame.