Jul 30, 2015

Finance trumps democracy in Greece

Greek voters rejected austerity in a referendum only to see their government approve the very economic measures they had just voted against. Louis Philippe Rochon says Greece needs to leave the EU.
Feb 11, 2015
Photo: chris-sy/flickr

Greece, austerity and the failed euro experiment

Louis-Philippe Rochon
Recent German threats to throw Greece out of the euro-zone only further masks what is increasingly becoming evident: the euro is a flawed and poorly designed institution.
Nov 30, 2011

European financial crisis: Apocalypse soon?

Andrew Jackson
The OECD's new assessment of the macro-economic situation makes for pretty grim reading. And their forecast is based on an increasingly incredible view that the Eurozone will "muddle through."
Nov 4, 2011
Greek Premier George Papandreou

The fine points of democracy are all Greek to Albertans

David J. Climenhaga
If the government of Premier George Papandreou had had the sense to consult Premier Alison Redford and her advisers, a Greek referendum would have been a positive and harmless experience for all.


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