extreme weather

Dec 10, 2013

Let's raise the bar for 2014

David Suzuki
From Rob Ford to Senate scandals, from war to environmental catastrophe, it's been a strange year. It's time move beyond the madness and personal attacks and have some rational discussion.
Oct 1, 2013

IPCC report shows action on climate change is critical

David Suzuki
If you were 95 per cent certain your house was at risk of catching fire, and there was something you could do to prevent it, you would. The IPCC has a similar message about our home planet.
Jul 11, 2013
Photo: Graeme & Sara Bunton & Peel/Flickr

Extreme weather: This is what climate change looks like

Clare Demerse
As Environment Canada's David Phillips said, we can take this summer's storms as a preview -- but let's hope they convince us that we really don't want to watch the full-length disaster movie.
Jul 2, 2013

Working with nature can protect us from floods

David Suzuki
Floods and extreme weather such as Calgary and Southern Alberta recently experienced are increasing in frequency and intensity. Protecting nature is a sound way to protect ourselves from the damage.


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