federal budget 2009

Jun 8, 2009

Embracing an innovation agenda

With the world economy in a slump, now is the time to mandate Net neutrality and open access, and to replicate municipal ISP models that work in cities and towns across Canada.
Mar 12, 2009


Trish Hennessy
In his first speech on the economy since the January federal budget, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a request of the Canadian people: Now, he said, is the time to shed our collective modesty.
Feb 4, 2009

The quiet limits of greed

Trish Hennessy
For top executives to award themselves these kinds of compensation packages in the midst of this economic crisis isn’t just bad taste; it’s bad strategy.
Feb 3, 2009

Budget 2009 and the Bay St. bailout

Why did the Liberals support the budget when the analysis is clear: the Finance Minister ignored the vulnerable, punished women and did not provide a serious stimulus to a flagging economy?


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