Image: GoToVan/Wikipedia
Victoria Fenner | A replay of a webinar by Feminists Deliver on June 8, 2020, featuring a panel of Black women activists talking about a wide range of subjects relating to anti-Black racism in Canada.
Image: Allison and Cam, used with permission
Scott Neigh | Frédérique Chabot and Natalya Mason talk about sex ed as a holistic approach links sexual health to social justice.
Isabel Zuleta of Movimiento Ríos Vivos Antioquia in Colombia and Natalia Atz Sunuc of the Guatemalan association Kaji' Ajpop. Image: KAIROS
Gabriela Jiménez | Large-scale resource extraction perpetuates violence, even in countries with peace accords. Women are often on the frontlines of mobilizing to protect land and water.
Image: By Mallory Taylor. Used with permission of Shameless Magazine.
Scott Neigh | Sheila Sampath of Shameless Magazine talks about the Talking Back Feminist Media Conference.
Activist Toolkit
Image Credit: Feminist Green New Deal http://feministgreennewdeal.com/
| Activists, including feminists, proposal for Green New Deal.
Woman at microphone for Women Deliver conference. Image: Women Deliver/Facebook​
Penney Kome | Women Deliver's main pitch is to make sure that women's specific concerns are included as developing nations strive to expand their economies.
Image: Photo by Nik Gehl. Used with permission.
Scott Neigh | Lynn Gehl talks about the long battle by Indigenous women against sex discrimination in the Indian Act, her own decades in court and the current campaign to get Trudeau to finish the job.
Feminist art in a digital age
Scott Neigh | Hana Shafi, aka Frizz Kid, talks about her art, her poetry, and her feminist politics.
Book Review
Jessica Rose | While it's a strong introduction to how desire and power work in heterosexual relationships, Lili Boisvert's new book is light on evidence.
Defending reproductive rights in Alberta
Scott Neigh | The 1988 Supreme Court Decision legalizing abortion in Canada made history, but Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition board member Kathy Dawson says there is still a long way to go 31 years later.
A digital archive of feminist struggle in Canada
Scott Neigh | Alana Cattapan talks about Rise Up!, a digital archive of feminist activism in Canada from the 1970s through the 1990s.
Challenging rape culture in the media
Scott Neigh | Farrah Khan and Shannon Giannitsopoulou talk about the work of the organization Femifesto to challenge rape culture in the media.