financial regulation

Sep 6, 2016
Photo: Scurzuzu/flickr

Ontario payday loan reforms: A drop in the bucket

Tom Cooper
The Ontario government has announced some modest reforms to lower the outrageous interest rates charged to customers of payday loan companies. It's a step in the right direction, but is it enough?
May 15, 2012

Banks and the derivatives scam

Those who believe the financial meltdown was a one-off fluke and that lessons have been learned to prevent a re-occurrence, need to think again. Derivatives operations bedevil the world economy today.
Apr 3, 2012

Stock market swindles galore in Canada

Bruce Livesey
Sino-Forest is just the latest in a long line of stock market calamities that have plagued Canada's capital markets. And yet, there is little done to clean up the markets.


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