fish farms

Feb 7, 2014

Fish farm expansion threatens wild salmon stock

The federal government recently approved a major expansion to B.C.'s fish farm sector despite warnings by the Cohen commission about the effects of net-based farms on wild salmon.
May 7, 2013

Assessing the NDP's environmental platform

The Wilderness Committee has taken a close look at the NDP’s platform. Joe Foy gives us an assessment of what the party says it will do if it wins the provincial election on May 14.
Apr 27, 2013

Film: Salmon Confidential

When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers B.C.'s wild salmon are testing positive for viruses associated with salmon farming, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the findings.
Aug 19, 2011

Cohen inquiry to shed light on fish farm secrecy

Tria Donaldson
There is a veil of secrecy around the operation of fish farms in B.C. But the truth is set to come out. The next two weeks at the Cohen inquiry may be a game changer for the industry.


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