Photo: flickr/ Sharon Drummond
Sally Miller | While 90 per cent of the Ontario population clusters within 100 miles of the U.S. border, there is a food and farming revolution starting and stretching into the farthest reaches of northern Ontario.
Redeye Collective | With profits increasingly threatened by rising fuel prices, airlines are turning to biofuels both to reduce costs and to give the industry a sustainable image.
Mordecai Briemberg | There is widespread consensus that the world is facing another food emergency. Redeye speaks with economist Robert Pollin. He believes that speculation is behind the current rise in food prices.
Mitch Podolak, Michael Welch, Ashley Titterton | Alert! Radio #176 -- Interviews with professor Robert Pollin on the next world food crisis, labour columnist Herman Rosenfeld on Wisconsin and chief Toghestiy on the proposed Enbridge pipeline in B.C.