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Lois Ross | The pandemic has exposed and intensified severe hardships, but it is also showing us a path towards healthier ways to produce food.
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Paul Taylor | Will we take the lessons of the past several months to implement progressive policies to confront the societal wrongs exposed by the pandemic?
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Food Secure Canada | We have the opportunity to reimagine the food systems we need. We can build a future of food in a way that respects the health and dignity of both people and the planet.
Paul Taylor in the FoodShare Toronto warehouse, where the organization stores and packages fresh produce for delivery. Image: Sandro Pehar, used with permission
Paul Taylor | The COVID-19 crisis has thrown into stark relief just how many of us are a paycheque away from using a food bank. But the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is throwing up barriers for those in need.
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Lois Ross | The pandemic has sparked reconsiderations in some communities about food security. Many have turned to local farmers and distributors, eager to support small businesses that might be struggling.
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Victoria Fenner | Lois Ross, rabble's agriculture columnist, reflects on a recent trip to Cuba and talks about what Cubans know about food security that we can learn from in Canada.
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Lois Ross | The National Farmers Union's latest report, "Tackling the Farm Crisis and the Climate Crisis," focuses on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture while also improving food security.
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Paul Taylor | The research identifies that the higher prevalence of food insecurity among households with Black respondents is simply because they are Black. It's not caused by anything else.
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| Read the report and stay tuned for analysis
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Lois Ross | The United Nations has declared the years 2019 to 2028 as the UN Decade of Family Farming, citing the need to stem hunger and work toward food security.
Farm in Guatemala near Chilmaltenango
Victoria Fenner | The migration from Central America to the U.S. isn’t about people seeking the American dream. Robert Albro, cultural anthropologist, talks about an often overlooked factor -- climate change.
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Peter Biesterfeld | The former Health Canada scientist and whistleblower was a hero of the non-GMO movement.