Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | With focus on Kenney's hesitant response to COVID-19, some observers have overlooked the fact that his management of the economy and energy sector hasn't been much better.
Activist Toolkit
Image Credit: Pixabay
| The Corporate Mapping Project maps Big Oil's political reach
Photo: Bill Selak/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | The provinces' revolts over cap-and-trade and other environmental agreements seem more difficult for the federal government following Ontario's swing right.
Athabasca oilsands. Photo: Shell
Gordon Laxer | Consumption can be challenged by carbon taxes, but our fossil fuel emissions challenge comes from bitumen production.
Photo: Kate Ausburn/Flickr
Ben Parfitt | Such an inquiry should not be limited to scientific questions, but should focus squarely on the risks associated with fracking and what should be done about them.
Redeye Collective | Geologists say that humanity's impact on the Earth has been so profound that it's ushered in a whole new, deeply unstable, geological era, which they are calling the Anthropocene.
Think you know the price of oil? Think again.
Daryn Caister | The Green Majority Radio team discusses the shocking disconnect between Liberal rhetoric and action on climate both on the federal and provincial levels.
Hope Isn't A Strategy
Daryn Caister | An entire lake disappearing due to climate change in Bolivia, a rush of lobbying by mining companies, and an expose on how to evade lobbying laws in Canada.
Photo: Michael Stewart
Seble Samuel | Between the summer of 2008 and fall of 2012, 35 petroleum industries lobbied the federal government with 2,700 reports of communications with Canadian politicians.
Alberta & The Leap Manifesto
Christopher Majka | The Leap Manifesto jumped into the political spotlight when it was adopted by the federal NDP and rejected by the Alberta NDP. Can middle ground be found?
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Paul Weinberg | Gordon Laxer knows Canadian petro politics. In this interview, Laxer discusses Canada's dependency on fossil fuels, the economic situation in Alberta and how to tackle climate change.
Peace River
Redeye Collective | The B.C. government says it needs to build a massive dam on the Peace River to generate hydro power for the province's future. Ben Parfitt says Site C is all about the plan to liquify natural gas.