Small gathering of lechwe antelopes, Okavango Delta. Image credit: Diego Delso/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Giliam, André-Yanne Parent | Canada's promises of ambitious climate regulation will not be credible if Canadian companies such as ReconAfrica dig for new fossil-fuel projects.
 Manatee. Image credit: Chris Muenzer/Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Two Canadian companies have expressed their support for fracking in Colombia, despite significant threats to human rights defenders, the climate and aquatic wildlife.
Image: Peace Brigades International
Brent Patterson | Colombian human rights defenders to talk fracking and climate change at public forums in Ottawa, Vancouver and Nanaimo this November.
Image: Ficamazonia/Facebook
Brent Patterson | Indigenous communities in Colombia want to protect the Amazon rainforest from fracking.
Image: SFU/Flickr
David Suzuki | To profit as much as possible from fossil fuels before markets fall under the weight of climate chaos and better alternatives, industry and its allies say fracked gas is a climate solution. It's not.
Photo Credit: Bruce Gordon, EcoFlight
David Suzuki | A review of more than 1,500 scientific studies concluded that fracking contaminates air and water with chemicals that can cause serious health problems, including cancer, asthma and birth defects.
Twitter photo by CCALCP.
Brent Patterson | The Luis Carlos Perez Lawyers' Collective in Colombia is working with communities to stop fracking by corporations, including Calgary-based Canacol Energy Ltd.
Rachel Small | At the same time as the Unist'ot'en people began a fight in BC courts against TransCanada's injunction, hundreds gathered in Toronto in solidarity to protest at TransCanada's office.
Graphic: Council of Canadians
Emma Lui | The approval of LNG Canada, a $40-billion fracked gas project, gives the green light to a very thirsty industry that will abuse even more water at a time when water supplies are unpredictable.
Image: Council of Canadians
Scott Neigh | Dorene Bernard and Rebecca Moore talk about grassroots Mi'kmaq resistance to the Alton Natural Gas Storage project.
Image: Screenshot from "Water Warriors" trailer
Doreen Nicoll | Here are two movies that will shock, inspire and remind you why water is always an election issue.
Photo: Kate Ausburn/Flickr
Ben Parfitt | Such an inquiry should not be limited to scientific questions, but should focus squarely on the risks associated with fracking and what should be done about them.