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freedom of expression

Mar 28, 2014
MP James Bezan

An Open Letter to MP James Bezan

Christopher Majka
In criticizing MP Megan Leslie, MP James Bezan appears to believe that supporting freedom of expression implies that one also supports the content of what is said, a logical and democratic fallacy.

RightsWatch Conference

Sep 20, 2013 to Sep 21, 2013
Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
55 Dundas St W
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 21.4884" N, 79° 22' 57.054" W
Ontario CA
Each year the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s RightsWatch Conference brings together a wide variety of stakeholders and community members.
Oct 16, 2012

Transit police and free speech

In August 2012, members of an activist group distributing their newspaper at a Skytrain station were arrested and had their material confiscated.
Feb 17, 2012

Shit students can't say (about Israel)

After "sh*t homophobic people say," more real sh*t is hitting the fan: the crazy sh*t you can't say on campus about Israel because of intimidation, censorship and legal threats.


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