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David J. Climenhaga | It turns out the B.C. Liberals' Climate Leadership Plan was drafted by industry representatives in the Calgary boardroom of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers!
Bashir Mohamed, BLM Edmonton (Image: David Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Carding ignores the principles of natural justice. It flies in the face of due process. It's almost certain to be ruled by the courts to be unconstitutional, and therefore illegal.
Image: alternativemeans/flickr
Jamie Brownlee, Kevin Walby | Gaining access to tightly controlled government information is critical in promoting social justice. So what's the state of access to information in Canada today?
Redeye Collective | Tim Duncan blew the whistle on the B.C. government after he was told to delete emails related to a Freedom of Information request. The emails concerned missing Aboriginal women.
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Keith Reynolds | The Supreme Court of Canada describes freedom of information legislation as a pillar of our democracy in Canada. Over the years, however, this pillar of democracy has seen its base chipped away.
A redacted copy of the K-Bro linens contract. All information related to price a
Tria Donaldson, Cheryl Stadnichuk | Everywhere privatization has occurred, public access to the facts and figures around privatization has been a challenge.
Book Review
Amira Elghawaby | Does the state of Canada's democracy reduce you to tears? If it doesn't, it will once you read Mark Bourrie's 'Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper's Assault on Your Right to Know.'
Photo: flickr/ Jamie McCaffrey
Tracy Glynn | The P.E.I. election has been difficult to predict especially considering the current scandals involving the Liberals. What else is up for debate? Abortion access, online gambling and food security.
Matthew Behrens | In the wake of the Paris shootings, as voicing uncomfortable truths becomes increasingly risky, governments get set to introduce more repressive measures that mock freedom of expression.
Hans Rollman | A widely publicized Canadian Press experience reveals the serious erosion of our government's democratic accountability. Or really, what government accountability?!
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Stephen Kimber | Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil publicly demonstrated his "unequivocal" support for more open, responsive and accountable government last month: he fired FOI Review Officer Dulcie McCallum.
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Vincent Gogolek | Authorized by the prime minister himself, the Web Renewal Action Plan clearly outlines the government's intention to drastically cut the number of government websites available to Canadians.