funding cuts

Jul 1, 2016

Public schools nurture Canadian values

Lizanne Foster
Why is public education, the very cornerstone of a democracy where Canadian values are nurtured, under such sustained attack here in B.C.?
Nov 19, 2014
Photo: Phil Norton/flickr

Have artists become their own patrons in Quebec?

Francis Fortier
It's hard to know exactly how much is being invested, in both time and money, into the audiovisual sector by artists themselves. A conservative estimate would be between $10 and $13 million a year.
Nov 4, 2013

Book: The War on Science

Journalist Chris Turner documents the systematic way the Harper government is muzzling and controlling Canadian scientists and withdrawing funding from research projects.
Oct 31, 2013

Harper not planning to renew Canada Health Accord

The Canada Health Accord is the mechanism that has ensured Canadians enjoy equal standards of health care across the country. Now the federal government plans to let it expire.
Apr 25, 2012

Funding cools but docs still hot

In the weeks before the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto, the industry has been hit with announcements of colossal cuts at the NFB, CBC and Telefilm.


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