This photo shows the ice front of Venable Ice Shelf, West Antarctica, in October 2008. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UC Irvine
Amy Goodman | As "Russiagate" becomes a full-blown conflagration threatening to consume Donald Trump's presidency, his denial of human-induced global warming continues to threaten a planet already on fire.
Book Review
Sarah Sheard | Author Sarah Sheard weaves an eccentric story of a reincarnated Bertolt Brecht in the midst of the G-20 Summit and his reflections on 1930s fascism.
Photo: Bank of Canada by flickr/adrianlee
Armine Yalnizyan | From inflation targeting to quantative easing, from stimulus to international trade, Armine Yalnizyan shares his thoughts on the, er, number-two choice for Bank of Canada governor.
Carmelle Wolfson, Meghan Murphy | On April 28, activist Jaggi Singh pleaded guilty to urging people to take down the G20 summit fence in Toronto last June. This interview was recorded by Carmelle Wolfson following his guilty plea.
Image from a video shot by Will Dean, of a police officer attempting to gain entrance to the North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference in Toronto on Jan. 15, carrying a shotgun. He and another officer were denied entry by attendees.
Krystalline Kraus | What's an anarchist to do if the police show up at a gathering with a shotgun? Why, pull out a video recorder and begin filming, of course!
Zach Carter, Media Consortium Blogger | The economic free-fall is finally slowing down, although nobody expects the recovery to be very pleasant.