Jun 22, 2010
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#110 - The activists, Pride and the G20

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Queer honourees give it back to Pride Toronto over Israeli-apartheid, pre-G20 African activists speak out on celebrity activism, and coming out where Pride is no party.
Jun 24, 2010
Police lunch at the G20 security fence in Toronto. Photo: Kristen Hanson.

Challenging Toronto's corporate security walls

Harsha Walia and Stefan Christoff
Montreal-based engineering giant SNC-Lavalin was awarded the contract for the construction and conceptualization of the militarization of downtown Toronto. The company's history is global in reach.
Jun 24, 2010

Children's Aid Society on call during G20

Lara Purvis and Shushan Araya
A file will be opened for any child referred to CAS. The agency will be called in if a "parent is taken to hospital or a parent is arrested and there's no one to care for the child."
Jun 24, 2010
Massey Hall, the scene for Shout Out for Global Justice! on June 25. Photo: Carleen Pickard/Council of Canadians

Time to scrap the summits, build alternatives

Maude Barlow
The Council for Canadians brings together world leaders in social justice and the environment for Shout Out for Global Justice! Join us at Massey Hall Friday or watch exclusive livestream on rabble.
Jun 18, 2010

The G8/G20 big cop party

Aalya Ahmad
The G8-G20 is not only an appallingly expensive photo-op for our world lead-weights; it is, in fact, a "Big Cop Party."


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