Photo: Dano/flickr
Lynne Fernandez | This fall Winnipeg City Council will determine the future of waste collection. While garbage is generally not a "sexy" topic, there are many reasons why the public should be paying attention.
Photo: Queen's University/flickr
Green Action Centre | Most major Canadian cities have organic waste pickup. If Winnipeg does not move soon on this issue, we will be one of the few large cities in the country not doing our part.
Dave Buchanan | A close look at the proposal by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his infrastructure committee to privatize the city's garbage collectors is like a study in bad civic and economic policies.
St. Albert, Alta., City Councillor Cam MacKay
David J. Climenhaga | Private companies have a bad history of bidding low to win garbage collection contracts, then raising prices when they get them. When this happens, savings from contracting out are illusory.