Maha Zimmo | The recent war on the civilian population of Gaza has been one of the greatest and most violent attacks levelled by Israel since its birth.
Stefan Christoff | Protests occurring in the upcoming days must call on international institutions and governments to sanction Israel in response to the attack on Gaza.
rabbleTV | <span>Many of the 13,000 or so Gazans who fled their homes took refuge at UN-run schools. An Israeli strike on one school has reportedly killed 40 today. </span>
The Canadian Peace Alliance | The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on all members to support existing actions this Saturday to demand that the Canadian government call for an immediate end to the massacre in Gaza.
Rick Salutin | A letter I received last year rebuked me for calling George Bush's explanation of 9/11 - They hate us for our freedoms - "doltish."
Sunera Thobani | That such violence can be waged on so defenseless a population with the support of the Bush Administration is unconscionable. That Obama chooses to remain silent is nothing short of cowardice.
Tariq Ali | The dead Palestinians are little more than election fodder in a cynical contest between the Right and the Far Right in Israel.
Mordecai Briemberg | Reem Abdul Qadir is a clinical social worker with children. She talks about the health effects of the Gaza siege, especially for the young.
Canadian Boat to Gaza