gender-based violence

Aug 4, 2016
Photo: Council of Canadians

Indigenous women express concerns about MMIW inquiry

Brent Patterson
While there have been many expressions of support and hope for the Liberal government's inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, there are also numerous concerns being expressed.
Feb 16, 2016
Photo: Joe Gratz/flickr

Questioning justice in the Ghomeshi trial

Stephen Kimber
Did he do it? Of course. Did the Crown prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Jian Ghomeshi sexually assaulted three women? That's more complicated.
Dec 23, 2014
Photo: Chase Carter/flickr

2014: The year the conversation changed about misogyny

Stephen Kimber
2014 was The Year The Conversation Changed. About gender, sex, private, public, personal, political… The goal is change. Change is hard. Which is why these conversations are so important.


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