gender empowerment

Jul 5, 2013

On revolutionary loneliness

Migrant Matters
How do we "collectivize" our wounds, to transform the seemingly inevitably traumatizing loneliness that comes with participating in revolutionary struggle, into a condition of radical possibility?

International Women's Day celebration

Mar 8, 2011
Hamilton City Hall Hamilton , ON
43° 14' 36.9708" N, 79° 53' 20.67" W
Ontario CA
A rally and gathering to celebrate 100 years of women's lives, struggles and triumphs!

The Voices and Faces Project

May 26, 2010 to May 27, 2010
The Spectator Auditorium
44 Frid Street Free parking
L8P 4M3 Hamilton
43° 15' 34.8156" N, 79° 53' 32.7768" W
Hear survivors of sexual assault, date rape and incest share their stories.
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