george galloway

Apr 29, 2010
By Tristram Sparks

George Galloway speaks to

Cathryn Atkinson
The British MP, who was banned from Canada in 2009, discusses Wednesday's hearing to overturn the ban, why the government tried to redact emails about his case, and how his privacy was violated.
Apr 27, 2010

Interview with George Galloway

Am Johal
As the George Galloway controversy weaves its way through the Canadian court system, the question of Jason Kenney's role in CBSA's denial of his right to enter Canada will be probed.

Galloway rally and hearing at the Federal Court

Apr 26, 2010
Federal Court Building
180 Queen Street West
43° 39' 2.0592" N, 79° 23' 16.3212" W
In Toronto, please join us before the hearing begins for a rally to defend free speech, and to let George Galloway speak in Canada.


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