Robin Bicknell talks about her film 'The Genetic Revolution'
Face2Face | Robin Bicknell talks to David Peck talk about her film "The Genetic Revolution," our complex genetic relationships and the ethical issues around tampering with our genetic makeup.
Genetically modified corn. Photo by Maggilautaro/ Wikimedia Commons.
Brent Patterson | The biotechnology industry is celebrating NAFTA 2.0 as a win for genetically engineered foods.
Photo: Do We Need More Food?/YouTube
Peter Biesterfeld | The former Health Canada scientist and whistleblower was a hero of the non-GMO movement.
Doreen Nicoll | Consider the political, social, economic and environmental impacts your food purchases have today and for generations to come.
Photo: European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari/flickr
Brent Patterson | There is a process within CETA that would promote regulatory harmonization and address non-tariff barriers that could allow the export of genetically modified apples into Europe.
Photo: A protest against GMOs in the European Parliament. Photo by Euractiv
Brent Patterson | The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the U.S.-European Union Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will increase the risk of GM food entering Europe.
rabble staff | Fourteen-year-old Rachel Parent challenged CBC's Kevin O'Leary on the dangers of GMOs and Monsanto.
Dan Kellar, [email protected] Radio | Lots of #noLine9 + pipeline, along with other Indigenous sovereignty news. Fighting over alfalfa, finding toxic fish + losing to a beetle. BDS + anti-CAS updates, War resisters + resisting authority.
Dan Kellar, [email protected] Radio | Snowshoeing for safety, learning your history to avoid being racist, and stopping nuclear processing in toronto kick off the episode which continues on...
Brent Patterson | California rejects Proposition 37 – which would have made it the first U.S. state to require food companies to identify genetically modified (GM) ingredients.
Amy Goodman | Of the 11 initiatives before the 2012 California electorate, one drawing perhaps the most attention is Proposition 37, on the labelling of food containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.
Lorraine Chisholm | The University of Guelph has been doing research into a genetically modified pig since the mid-1990s. The Enviropig would have produced waste lower in phosphorus than a regular pig.