Yves Engler | In many parts of the world the face of Canada has become the ruthless multinational that bullies workers, ignores environmental standards and 'buys' politicians.
Delayne Weeks on gold mining, the Global South and making a difference.
Face2Face | Delayne talks about the gold mining, a better future for the extractive sector, social change, an ecology of commerce and making a difference in Cambodia.
Activist Toolkit
| A petition to eliminate illegal gold mining in Madre de Dios region of Peru
Linda McQuaig | While Canadians may think of ourselves as best known for owning the Olympic podium, among Africans we may actually be better known -- and not particularly liked -- for owning their natural resources.
Hannah Senge, Judges Mpako, Zahra Moloo | In May 2009, toxic waste from a gold mine located in North Mara, Tanzania, spilled into River Thigithe. This was the beginning of a long line of human rights abuses by African Barrick.