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March against corruption in Ottawa

Nov 2, 2013
Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA
Come join the fun, we'll flood the streets of Ottawa with peace and love! Wear a suit, make a sign, banner, giant muppet, wear a funky hat, bring your ukulele, be creative!
Jun 19, 2013
Photo: vapourtrails/flickr

Is Quebec more corrupt than the rest of Canada?

Simon Tremblay-Pepin
Is Quebec more corrupt than other provinces? One could argue that it mostly has stricter laws regarding political party funding, which raise red flags that allow to uncover corruption.
Aug 1, 2012

Secrecy problems across government institutions

Democracy Watch
While there are clearly problems with secrecy concerning attendance and other parts of the operations of the Senate, it is not the only federal government institution with secrecy problems.


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