Nov 17, 2014

The Latvian art diaries

The Swan Song
Riga, Latvia's capital, was chosen as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. These are some stories from Riga's creative community.
Aug 19, 2014
The Swan Song

The street artist

The Swan Song
Dainis Rudens is a pioneer of the Latvian street art community. In this interview, we discuss his experience as a street artist.
Jul 20, 2012

#CityTalk: Montreal's war on graffiti

Street Cred
This week's #CityTalk takes a look at Montreal's graffiti art scene, finding out how the city is embracing street art on one hand, then taking stern measures against graffiti artists.
Activist Toolkit

Sustainable street art

DIY recipes for resistance, from moss graffiti to safe flour based paints
Jun 17, 2011

The revolution will be painted: Cairo street art

Jesse McLaren
A blossoming of street art on the streets of Cairo celebrates the first phase of the Egyptian revolution, and raises people's confidence for the second phase.
Nov 22, 2010

Berlin's graffiti-art underbelly

Ron Verzuh
A tour of Germany's cool capital contrasts the Cold War past with the corporate present through squats, street art and 'gentrification.'
May 2, 2010

Guerilla arting

Artists Carla Bergman and Arlin French of the Purple Thistle Centre talk about what guerilla art is and why they practice it.
Dec 7, 2009

Rob Edmonds evokes Fragments in RPM

Mikala Taylor
Rob Edmonds is among the lucky handful of Vancouver artists able to debut exhibitions like Fragments in RPM in a province reeling from severe arts cuts.
Sep 3, 2009

Racism 101: a conversation about hate in Canada

In 2006, a Stats Canada survey found that 38% of hate crimes were committed by youth between 12 and 17 years of age.
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