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Book Review
Feb 17, 2011
Learning from the Ground Up

Education in action

Stefan Christoff
Collecting voices from social movements internationally Learning from the Ground Up works to challenge traditional understandings of knowledge production.

Dialogue for Peaceful Change (DPC) mediation training

Apr 3, 2011 to Apr 8, 2011
Tatamagouche Centre
259 Loop Route 6 Highway 6
B0K 1V0 Tatamagouche , NS
45° 42' 0" N, 63° 17' 60" W
Nova Scotia CA
Internationally accredited conflict mediation tools, strategies and analysis for use in communities, families and organizations.
Jul 21, 2010

Language justice in action

Organizers at the recent U.S. Social Forum used low-power radio technology to ensure that everyone could engage in discussion together, regardless of their mother tongue.

Ottawa's 10th Youth Action Gathering

Jul 12, 2010 to Jul 16, 2010
MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre
3635 Highway 17
45° 31' 18.6744" N, 75° 20' 51.1728" W
Ottawa’s 10th Youth Action Gathering (YAG), a truly eco-responsible, skill-building, action-oriented and fun summer experience!
May 25, 2010

The grassroots movement to end female genital mutilation

The F Word
A new documentary titled Africa Rising exposes the ground level work, spearheaded by local women, to end FGM in Africa. Taina Bien-Aime of Equality Now speaks with The F Word about this movement.
Mar 4, 2010

Weekly Diaspora: Rallying the grassroots

Erin Rosa
Fed up with Congress and frustrated with President Barack Obama's brief mention of immigration reform in the State of the Union address, immigrant rights supporters are now organizing.


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