Annamie speaking to Green Party of Canada members and supporters at the 2019 Toronto Centre nomination meeting. Image credit: Annamie Paul/Creative Commons.
Rick Salutin | Not answering questions is a crucial life skill for leaders, but Annamie Paul managed to make others look like babbling brooks.
Annamie Paul in 2019. Image credit: Annamie Paul/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | Annamie Paul and her supporters are right: racism is a factor in her leadership crisis. But it is Paul's inability to view Palestinians as deserving of equal rights that has placed her in this mess.
Annamie Paul, the new leader of the federal Green party. Image: Annamie Paul/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | In the current context, a reinvigorated Green party poses the biggest threat not to the Liberals but to the NDP.
Image: and Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
Victoria Fenner | On September 10, and the Canadian Foreign Policy Policy Institute hosted a debate with Green party leadership hopefuls. Listen to it here.
rabble staff | and the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute hosted a Green Party leadership candidates debate on Canada's place in the world.
rabble staff | Join us this evening at 7 p.m ET to hear candidates' views on Palestinian rights, Venezuela, NATO, the global climate crisis, as well as the international mining and arms industries.
Elizabeth May at a Trans Mountain pipeline protest on Burnaby Mountain. Photo: Elizabeth May/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | Given the built-in biases of our electoral system, it is a minor miracle that the Greens managed to win any seats at all in the House of Commons.
Image: Green Party of Canada/Twitter
Alex Cosh | The Greens' pan-ideological approach might partly explain why the party struggled to make new gains in an NDP-dominated area like Vancouver Island.
Image: Svend Robinson/Twitter
Alex Cosh | A recent surge in support for leader Jagmeet Singh has improved the NDP's chances of winning seats in some key Liberal-held ridings.
Madeleine Sauvé and some of her campaign team. Image: Madeleine Sauvé/Twitter
Alex Cosh | The NDP's Madeleine Sauvé is one of several candidates carrying a left-leaning platform deep into B.C.'s right-wing heartlands.
Image: Green Party of Canada/Twitter
Alex Cosh | Although there is no single reason as to why the Greens are gaining traction on Vancouver Island specifically, some have suggested that most of the support is coming from former NDP voters.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at a Labour Day parade in Toronto. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | History teaches that parties can survive all kinds of internal strife and turbulence to do quite well when the voting actually starts.