greenhouse gas emissions

Dec 16, 2011

Kyoto: The Conservative government's shameful action

John Bennett
We see Chamberlain's 1930s appeasement plan as shameful. At least he was trying to avert war. Kyoto tries to avert climate catastrophe. All Harper and Kent are trying to do is appease corporate oil.
Sep 15, 2011

New initiatives in the green energy sector

Two new projects that are coming to light right now give a great glimpse of the outside-the-box approaches that are bridging the green energy industry's needs for breadth, resilience and financing.
Aug 4, 2011

Canada's GHG commitment problem

Marc Lee
For the past decade, Canada's GHG emission targets were framed by the Kyoto Protocol, in which Canada committed to a six per cent reduction in emissions by 2012 relative to 1990 levels.


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