Jan 27, 2012
Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi sure tastes good!

Bob Chandler
Can a $25 computer teach kids to write computer software instead of just learning how to use Microsoft Office? That's what the Raspberry Pi Foundation is hoping.
Jan 23, 2012

jhr Rights Radio: Operation Megaupload

Journalists for Human Rights
jhr social media correspondent @DamianoR reports on the largest-ever online attack by hacker group Anonymous: Operation Megaupload.
Jan 18, 2012

Use of drones growing dramatically

Drones are robotic aircraft that can carry arms but are also for surveillance. Currently one in every three aircraft in the U.S. is a drone and over 50 countries have some form of unmanned aircraft.
Feb 5, 2010

We're all hackers now

Patrick O'Rourke
Lauren Strapagiel
Luke Vandezande
By Steph Gellatly
A hacker convention in an industrial section of Hamilton, Ontario, shows off the best of the digital democrats, those who want build the makerculture online to share with others.
Activist Toolkit


Hactivism is a portmanteau of hacker and activism; it is a form of electronic civil disobedience that can take many forms
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