Dec 16, 2010

A letter to MPs about Haiti's election

Haiti Solidarity B.C.
Dear MPs, Please challenge the failed approach that Canada has followed to date in Haiti. Haitians need meaningful aid, more of it, and less manipulation of their political sovereignty and democracy.
Dec 10, 2010

Haiti elections and protests: A snapshot of the last week

Joegodson Deralcine and Paul Jackson
The results are in and popular protest has been chosen by Haitians. Canadians could make a difference were they to put determined pressure on their government to support the will of Haitians.
Feb 16, 2010
The children of Haiti are recovering. Photo taken Feb. 9, 2010. Credit: Graham Lavery.

A letter to Haiti

M. NourbeSe Philip
A month after the devastating earthquake that killed at least 217,000 Haitians, award-winning Canadian writer M. NourbeSe Philip writes an open letter to honour a country and a people she loves.
Jan 27, 2010

Let the Haitians in

The devastating toll of the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti continues to mount. Haitians need to be allowed into the United States, legally, compassionately and immediately.
Jan 19, 2010

Haiti calls for help

Haiti, a country born in courage, faces its greatest challenge. Activists for disaster relief should make immediate forgiveness of every dollar of the Haitian debt a top priority.
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