Sep 14, 2014

Parliament is back and the fight for votes is on

Karl Nerenberg
The House is in session and politicians will have to deal with actual legislation. Some say such 'substance' doesn't matter; winning votes is all about image. The NDP will try to prove them wrong.
Sep 11, 2014

Hamas gains support following Israel's assault on Gaza

A poll of Palestinians conducted after the recent ceasefire shows Hamas gained much support as a result of resistance to the Israeli assault. Meanwhile Netanyahu faces harsh criticism within Israel.
Sep 4, 2014

NDP fights for Trudeau-obsessed media's attention

Karl Nerenberg
In the run-up to the 2015 election the Liberals are all about their leader's image and the Conservatives are all about resentment and negativity. Will the NDP's calling card be substantive policy?
Sep 5, 2014
Photo: Flickr/Superfantastic

Bill C-10 will hurt First Nations communities

Matt Moir
According to the government Bill C-10 is aimed at stopping tobacco smuggling. Some First Nations leaders say it is aimed at First Nations tobacco industry, and the bill needs to be stopped.


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