May 8, 2015
Image: rabble.ca

A bad news week for the Prime Minister

Karl Nerenberg
Notley's election in Alberta, videos of military, unspent departmental budgets, the release of Omar Khadr: all bad news. The worst news came from the Duffy trial.
Apr 20, 2015
Photo: flickr/Jamie McCaffrey

The MPs are back and there will be lots of noise

Karl Nerenberg
The House of Commons returns after a two-week break. There will be a (late) budget, questions arising out of the Duffy trial, sale of the Wheat Board and much more.
Apr 11, 2015

Last word on C-51

J. Baglow
The truth about C-51? Ask the last Inspector General for CSIS, whose work was so good that Harper abolished her office.
Apr 7, 2015
Photo: wikimedia commons

What we can learn, even now, from the Mike Duffy trial

Karl Nerenberg
Senator Mike Duffy's trial starts today, April 7, and will have its full share of drama and revelation. Even at this early stage, however, there are lessons we can glean from the whole affair.


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