History of Haiti

Jul 26, 2011

Haiti and Canadian imperialism

Progressive Voices
We speak with Kevin Edmonds of the Canada Haiti Action Network and Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti on rebuilding after the 2010 earthquake, the Canadian coup d'etat of 2004, and more.
Nov 28, 2010
Photo: Kevin Edmonds

Haiti, the UN and cholera on election day

Kevin Edmonds in Port-au-Prince
The current health crisis has blatantly underscored how aid to Haiti has not been given with the intention of making the island more self sufficient, but more dependent on the international community.
Jul 21, 2010
Haiti six months later by Al Jazeera.

Haiti: Six months on

Al Jazeera English
The deep wounds that fracture this country are re-emerging after the earthquake that killed 300,000.
Jul 14, 2010
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti's Brazilian peacekeepers and United States soldiers distribute food and water in the slum of Cité Soleil, Haiti, on Jan. 24, 2010. Photo: Sophia Paris/United Nations Photo/Flickr

Help Haitians help Haiti: An open letter

Jean Ellie Déralciné/ Cyril Baudelais/ Vilmond Joegodson Déralciné/ Paul Jackson
Residents of earthquake-devastated Cité Soleil respond to a Le Devoir article by the head of the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation, saying they want to build their own future.
Feb 16, 2010
The children of Haiti are recovering. Photo taken Feb. 9, 2010. Credit: Graham Lavery.

A letter to Haiti

M. NourbeSe Philip
A month after the devastating earthquake that killed at least 217,000 Haitians, award-winning Canadian writer M. NourbeSe Philip writes an open letter to honour a country and a people she loves.
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