Image: Used with permission of the Poor Persons Walk.
Scott Neigh | Kym Hines, Hugh Lampkin and Cynthia Travers talk about the Poor Persons Walk, an action taking place later in July in several British Columbia communities.
Fighting Homelessness in Ontario's past and in its Doug Ford future
Scott Neigh | Street nurse Cathy Crowe speaks about her decades of involvement in struggles against homelessness and for social justice in Ontario, and about what that experience tells her about facing Doug Ford.
Cover of report, "TB or not TB? There is no question" Image from Toronto Disaster Relief Committee archives
Cathy Crowe | Even after a micro-outbreak of tuberculosis in the homeless population in the early 2000s that saw deaths, the city still doesn't get it.
Front page of the 1996 Inquest Update. Heading says "Presiding coroner angrily demands: Don't use the H**** word any more!"
Cathy Crowe | Recent inquest into the death of Grant Faulkner, who died in January 2015, excluded evidence on affordable housing, shelter availability, or the effectiveness of the cold weather alert system.
A box in the Tent City memory archive shows a KFC box, can of fruit, hammer, electrical cord. Photo credit: Nicole Brumley
Cathy Crowe, Jon Alexander | The Department of Public Memory collaborates with the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee in a hands-on archive to remember their joint campaign for affordable housing.
Undercover photo taken showing crowding and inadequate conditions at the Better Living Centre, a winter respite site. Photo credit: Paul Salvatori
Cathy Crowe | This winter an unprecedented array of tactics were necessary just to achieve basic emergency shelter in Toronto.
Homelessness Marathon 2018
Victoria Fenner | Radio stations across the country are creating a collaborative day of programming about homelessness. Find out how they're doing it, and how you can listen.
Inhumane emergency shelter conditions.
Cathy Crowe | A perfect storm created the conditions for the chronic shortage of shelter beds in Toronto, which can no longer be ignored.
Krystalline Kraus | This week, the Trudeau government released its much anticipated National Housing Strategy. But talk is cheap. Let's see when, and if, the government will fill in the details.
Toronto's Homeless Memorial will have an additional 244 names on it by 2020. Photo: Cathy Crowe
Cathy Crowe | For two winters in a row, Torontonians have been begging their Mayor to open the federal armouries for shelter.
Vancouver Skyline/Flickr
Salman Zafar | It's out of control within Canada and also internationally, thanks to neoliberalism and capitalism.
A homeless man in San Francisco. Photo: Seguridad Social estadounidense/Javi/Flickr
Wayne MacPhail | A visit to Silicon Valley conjures up images of Dickensian-level poverty.