Honduras coup

Dec 12, 2009

Witnessing election fraud in Honduras

On November 29, the leaders of the coup in Honduras held an election that most of the population boycotted. B.C. Teachers Federation president Irene Lanzinger was there.
Sep 23, 2009

President Zelaya and the audacity of action

With tear gas wafting through the Brazilian Embassy where ousted president Manuel Zelaya is taking refuge, this week may force the U.S. to finally help the people of Honduras undo the coup.
Aug 21, 2009

Harper has his Reagan moment

There's been much recent criticism of the Harper government's foreign policy. I don't mean to pile on but rather to explore the cause.
Aug 5, 2009

A coup for lobbyists at the White House

Though Barack Obama first called the Honduran military's removal of President Manuel Zelaya a coup, his administration has backpedaled. Could lobbyists in Washington be forging U.S. foreign policy?
Jul 12, 2009

Canada lukewarm in support of Honduran president

Yves Engler says Canadian corporate interests in Honduras strongly influenced the Harper government's response to the overthrow of President Zelaya in a military coup last month.


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