Benjamin Gilmour and Sam Smith
Face2Face | Director Benjamin Gilmour and actor Sam Smith talk to David Peck about stereotypes, humanizing others, the absurdity of war, forgiveness, ethical codes, moral courage and suffering silence.
Rick Salutin | Theatre could never compete with film's spectacle but what it had was the live presence of actors, in a room, interacting and co-creating with an audience.
Rick Salutin | I keep encountering anthropologists (mostly but not only in print) who help more in understanding how the world works today than other experts do, even in their own fields.
Duncan Cameron | Amidst the misery in the world, there is still much to celebrate on this December 25, whatever your religious affiliation, or status.
Photo: star5112/Flickr
Gerry Caplan | Humanity is yet again awash in injustice and oppression, much of which, as always, we are helpless to end or can't be bothered trying.
Rick Salutin | You can have religion without fanaticism and dogma, and you can have fanaticism and dogma without a religion in sight. The ability to hold a deep, irrational certainty is a basic human trait.
Alice Klein | Collette Baron-Reid is a born-and-bred Toronto psychic who has made it big time in new-age land as an author, radio show host, psychic reader and conversationalist with the dead.
Duncan Cameron | With the publication of his new book, The Idea of Justice, Amartya Sen announces a needed new departure in political philosophy.
rabbleTV | <p>We are living in "exponential" times, says this video. Here are some numbers that give you some perspective on how fast the world is moving.</p>