Feb 27, 2013

Retire Burrard Thermal power plant

Daniel Tseghay
Vancouver's Burrard Thermal should be retired in favour of modern, cost-effective and cleaner technologies.
Mar 24, 2011
The ' Anne Marie'  lies sunk on shore after being holed by debris in the Nechako Reservoir at Ootsa Lake, B.C. Fortunately, occupants were not injured.

Dams are a danger in British Columbia

Bob Harrington
For years, B.C. residents have criticized BC Hydro's single vision as it ignores less damaging power generation methods that would not destroy river valleys and kill thousands of animals.
Sep 21, 2009

Public power and green energy

The B.C. government says it wants to make the province a clean energy powerhouse. Joe Foy of the Wilderness Committee says the only way to do that is to keep B.C. Hydro public.
In cahoots
Aug 18, 2009

Power to some people

Pumping hydropower from the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa may be an environmental dream come true, but there are issues around social justice that dampen the excitement somewhat.
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