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Meg Borthwick | Meg Borthwick interviews journalist and author Paul Weinberg on his recent book, about anti-poverty research and activism in the 1960s and 1970s.
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Karl Nerenberg | Although the NDP and the Greens tried to put wealth and income inequality on the election campaign agenda, most mainstream media coverage has focused elsewhere.
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Dennis Howlett | The tax system can be a powerful tool for redistributing wealth and reducing inequality and poverty. We all benefit from a more equal society with better health, reduced crime, and better education.
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Angella MacEwen | This will be the third year that the Ontario provincial government officially recognizes Equal Pay Day, but this year there is cause to be hopeful that change is in the works.
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Brent Patterson | The Trans-Pacific Partnership Division at Global Affairs Canada has provided an email address for the public to send in their comments and questions about the TPP. Here are some of their responses.
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Molly McCracken | Increased income, educational programs and northern food subsidies need to work hand in hand if the food security crisis in Manitoba is to be overcome.
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Edgardo Sepulveda | Other OECD-14 counterparts have achieved and maintained much higher redistribution and lower after tax income inequality. We in Canada can and should do better.
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Lynne Fernandez | Could the Manitoba government do more? Absolutely. Is there room for criticism? No doubt. But let's play fair.
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Paul Weinberg | None of the major political parties are addressing income inequality head-on in their platforms. With economic growth decreasing and the wage gap increasing, we need to talk about Canada's economy.
Dennis Raphael - Income Inequality, The Working Poor and Social Change
Face2Face | Dennis talks about the social determinants of health, the working poor, poverty in Canada, influence, corporate power, income inequality and the power of unions and how they're all connected.
Retiree Matters, Louisette Hinton | In April, the Union Coalition for Free Negotiation held a discussion about the inequalities of retirement security for women. Louisette Hinton reports back on what women need to know.
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Angella MacEwen | How we measure wages will affect views of Stephen Harper's economic performance going into the federal election. Angella MacEwen breaks down the ways that we measure income, and what that means.