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Feb 14, 2010

W2 Culture and Media House

W2 opened in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside two days before the 2010 Olympics started. The Media House aims to be a centre for indy journalists to report on the Games and the anti-Olympic convergence.
Feb 2, 2010

The Olympics: An opportunity for media innovation?

Steve Anderson
Kat Braybrooke
Vivian Xudan Pan
Jacqueline Cusack McDonald
With new venues dedicated to citizen-produced art, ideas and journalism emerging in Vancouver and the city's active social justice scene, could the Olympics be more inclusive than other media events?
Jan 12, 2010

Sustainable independent media needs a breakthrough

Nick Fillmore
Imagine Canada having national and city newspapers and TV news programs and news websites that contribute to the creation of a more equitable and just society. Part four of a six-part series.
Dec 2, 2009

Long live unintended consequences

Big telecom companies like Telus like to scare policy makers by suggesting any open Internet requirements for Internet Service Providers will lead to "unintended consequences."


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