Indigenous rights

Apr 10, 2010

Land rights in Melanesia

Asia Pacific Currents
Labor news from the Asia-Pacific. Interview about proposed reform to customary land tenure in Papua New Guinea (PNG), with Steven Sukot, from the Bismarck Ramu Group.
Book Review
Apr 9, 2010

Words for a new world

Jorge Antonio Vallejos
The "fifth world" is one imagined by Anna Marie Sewell, a poet of Mi'gmaq and Slavic roots. In Fifth World Drum Sewell recounts her experiences with identity, her search for culture and spirituality.
Apr 9, 2010

Five Native myths you really oughta know about

No one likes to be pigeon-holed into any kind of stereotypical box, but the long history of colonization and oppression of Indigenous people that it's no wonder these warped ideas exist.
Apr 8, 2010

Mexico's Cola wars continue

Kristen Hanson
The residents of Coajomulco, Mexico are literally having their water taken out from under them. (Photo: Kristen Hanson)
Apr 8, 2010

Mexico's Cola wars continue: A photo essay

Kristen Hanson
The indigenous residents of Coajomulco, Mexico have no water in their homes. The government provides the water beneath them for use in other larger cities -- including a Coca-Cola bottling plant.
Mar 11, 2010

Tuberculosis among Inuit

Daniel Tseghay
A new report shows that the rate of tuberculosis among Inuit is 185 times greater than for the rest of the country. That's an incredible number and it's the product of our unfair social institutions.

The city is a sweatshop

Mar 19, 2010 to Mar 21, 2010
Multiple, see below Toronto , ON
43° 40' 12.8388" N, 79° 23' 12.318" W
Ontario CA
Massive changes to the immigration and refugee system, coupled with renewed Immigration raids have created a precarious situation in Toronto, home to thousands of people living without full status.


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