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Grassy Narrows public talk, with Judy Da Silva & Judy Rebick

Apr 6, 2010 to Apr 7, 2010
Steel Workers Hall
25 Cecil St. (S of College, E of Spadina).
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 24.624" N, 79° 23' 44.3004" W
Ontario CA
40 years ago our water was poisoned with mercury; we want to sound the alarm that this poison will affect everyone if we don’t stand together to protect our water.
Mon, 02/01/2010

Defenders of the Land

Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across Canada, including Elders and youth, women and men, was founded at a historic meeting in Winnipeg from November 12-14. Defenders is the only organization of its kind in the territory known as Canada - Indigenous-led, free of government or corporate funding, and dedicated to building a fundamental movement for Indigenous rights. We will be holding a second gathering this year, where we will decide on collective action and a strategy to build the movement through education and organizing.

This basis of unity reflects our common view.

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Indigenous Peoples Assembly

Feb 5, 2010 to Feb 8, 2010
Chase , BC
50° 49' 2.0172" N, 119° 40' 56.9964" W
British Columbia CA
All Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Nations are invited to demonstrate their clothing, songs, dances, and other traditional forms of expression
Jan 14, 2010

Avatar and the true Defenders of the Land

Ben Powless
After seeing the film Avatar, the recent release by James Cameron dealing with allegorical Indigenous Peoples on an alien planet, a few reflections emerge.
Dec 17, 2009

#97 - Indigenous rights and climate justice in Copenhagen

rabble radio
In this podcast: Canadian Youth Delegation asks is Canada lying? Hiphop artist Eekwol talks Indigenous rights and Olympics. John Bonnar on protests for climate justice in Canada. Also, we have music.


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