Indigenous Solidarity

Apr 10, 2013

Climate-justice organizing with an anti-colonial focus

Talking Radical Radio
Teresa Diewart of Rising Tide Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories talks about her group's emphasis on movement-building, direct action, and support of indigenous struggles as it opposes climate change.
Dec 31, 2012
Photo: Sean Carleton

A view of Idle No More solidarity from abroad

Sean Carleton
New Yorkers are putting Stephen Harper in the public spotlight by protesting the Conservatives' Bill C-45, and supporting Chief Spence's hunger strike and the #IdleNoMore movement.
Jun 1, 2012

Stop the waste park! Stop the sludge!

Interviews with Haudenosaunee elder Ruby Montour and SPIRG rep James Cook on the ongoing blockade against a proposed sludge-to-fertilizer plant in Dundalk, Ontario.


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