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Alyse Kotyk | As communities across Canada research the feasibility of safe injection services, groups call on the federal government to change the exemption policy, repeal Bill C-2 and more.
Julie Devaney | It may appear that harm reduction and safe-injection sites are peripherally related to the campaign for a national pharmacare plan, but the Harper government's drug policies inextricably link them.
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Adrienne Smith | The newly passed and ironically titled 'Respect for Communities Act' will effectively block the establishment of new supervised injection facilities across Canada.
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Denise Denning | Let's get one thing straight: If Bill C-2 is passed it will only present new barriers to health care for people with addictions.
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rabble staff | is saddened to learn of the death of Bud Osborn. Osborn was a founding member of VANDU and memorialized Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in his poetry.
Redeye Collective | After Mark Townsend was forced to resign, critics from the left as well as the right accused the PHS of corruption. Michael Stewart says that's exactly what the government wanted us to do.
Redeye Collective | In 2003, Insite opened its doors to provide harm reduction services to people who inject drugs. In that time, there have been 1.8 million visits and no overdose deaths.
Libby Davies | As Insite celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful operation in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, the Conservative government in Ottawa is still railing against Safe Injection Sites.
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Harrison Samphir | The Canadian Conservative Party's top strategist, Jenni Byrne, does not believe those suffering with drug addiction deserve a second chance.
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| Insite is Canada's first and only safe injection site.
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David J. Climenhaga | That Conservative majority run by Stephen Harper? It's only been a year. Why does it feel so much longer?
Rahul Kalvapalle | Unlike Vancouver, Toronto doesn't look likely to get a supervised injection facility anytime soon, even though numerous studies have shown such facilities to save lives as well as healthcare dollars.