International Solidarity

Oct 29, 2019
Image: Carlos Figueroa/Wikimedia Commons

Will neoliberalism die in Chile?

Judy Rebick
Carlos Torres
Protesters are calling for a general strike as mass demonstrations against neoliberalism grow. Carlos Torres, a Chilean refugee now back in Chile, talks to about the mass protests.
Nov 13, 2018
Anti government demonstration Syria 2011

What are the lessons for the left in Syria?

Asia Pacific Currents
The popular uprising in Syria has been drowned in blood. What could have the left and international solidarity movements done better to avoid this outcome?
Aug 7, 2018
Solidarity in Canada with the people of Haiti

Solidarity in Canada with the people of Haiti

Talking Radical Radio
Ralph Jean-Paul and Travis Ross talk about the Canada-Haiti Information Project and about the past and present of solidarity in Canada with the people of Haiti.

Solidarity - Party - Fundrasier

Nov 26, 2016
The Cave
193 Dowling Ave.
Toronto , ON
43° 38' 23.046" N, 79° 26' 22.578" W
Ontario CA
The party will raise funds to help, Tori Cress from IDLE NO MORE to partake in the II Continental Assembly of ALBA social movements in December


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