Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Brian Solis/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Revelations about Facebook's role in the exploitation of user data by a company called Cambridge Analytica have provoked widespread calls for tough, new data privacy laws.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation and a coalition of Internet activists organized a rally at San Francisco City Hall in support of net neutrality. Photo: Dave Maass/flickr
Marie Aspiazu, Digital Freedom Update | 2017 was a rollercoaster for internet advocates worldwide, filled with both exciting, hard-won victories and devastating decisions that will have ramifications as we come into the new year.
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David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | Digital rights and the government's proposed reforms to Bill C-51 are top of mind for many Canadians as the House of Commons resumes for its fall session.
Photo: Vincent Brown/flickr
Wayne MacPhail | How gadget paranoid do we need to be given last week's Wikileaks dump about how the CIA is spying on us via our smartphones and TV sets?
Photo: Steve Rhodes/flickr
David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | What's happening to our data on its journey around the Internet has deeply concerning privacy implications for all of us. Now a new educational platform is raising awareness of these issues.
Meghan Sali, Digital Freedom Update | When Netflix announced recently that the company would be cracking down on users who employ privacy tools while using the service, you could practically hear the groans reverberate across the globe.
Wayne MacPhail | Having our eyes and hearts opened by the heinous attacks in Paris shouldn't also blind us to the more covert attacks on our civil liberties that may come as a second wave assault.
RabbleTV | worked with 125,000 Canadians to shape a positive crowdsourced plan to repeal Bill C-51 and restore our privacy rights. Learn more at
Steve Anderson, David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | A perfect storm of spy agency surveillance, privacy-undermining legislation, and lax privacy safeguards at government departments sparked concern from citizens right across the political spectrum.
Thomas Saczkowski | On January 28, International Data Privacy Day, it is imperative that those residing and visiting Canada understand the surveillance being used by Canadian governments and corporations.
Michael Geist | Internet privacy expert Dr. Michael Geist helps us understand which current surveillance and privacy issues should be on your mind.
RabbleTV | Bill C-13 would give a range of authorities access to your private information without a warrant. Thousands of Canadians are speaking out against Peter MacKay's new online spying legislation.