Internet throttling

Dec 2, 2009

Long live unintended consequences

Big telecom companies like Telus like to scare policy makers by suggesting any open Internet requirements for Internet Service Providers will lead to "unintended consequences."
Aug 3, 2009

Open media, open democracy

There was something different in the air this time -- the July CRTC hearing on traffic management (a.k.a net neutrality) had a dynamism to it that seemed foreign to the walls that contained it.
Jul 16, 2009

ISPs beyond belief

This past week the country's biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) paraded in front of the CRTC as part of that commission's inquiry into bandwidth throttling.
Event Internet Dance Party

Jun 21, 2009
Gallery Gachet
88 East Cordova St.
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 56.4492" N, 123° 6' 8.838" W
British Columbia CA
This Saturday is Vancouver's Open Internet Town Hall, and the highly anticipated Internet Dance Party!
Jan 15, 2009

Saving Canada's digital soul

The great value of the open Internet is that it allows us to envision and produce a more democratic media system. But now the open Internet is under threat.
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